Partner with Futurasia Professionals to develop your talent and improve their skills in areas that you require.

Our corporate training and workshops use the latest training and facilitation methods to help train your workforce to be future-ready. Your staff will be engaged, challenged and stimulated to learn more.  

Our face-to-face and online workshops are designed to help your staff get real results. They will be introduced to tools, strategies and techniques that can be immediately applied when they get back to work. 


We offer a full range of short courses designed to empower your workforce to be future-ready.


Clifton StrengthsFinder

From understanding your strengths, you will be able to improve in your work effectiveness and work towards being a marketplace champion in your organisation.


Coaching Competencies for Leaders

This course is suitable if you’re a CEO, VP, Manager, Executive, HR, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, coach or someone passionate about personal development.

Becoming an effective coach for youth

Coaching Competencies for Working with Youths

Implement a structured approach and framework into developing a life-coaching programme for youths.


Coach-The-Coach Certification Course

This certification programmes is designed to teach you the tools on how to create a thriving coaching business.


NLP Practitioner Triple Certification Course

Our 5-day certification course is designed to ensure techniques are delivered through a process of theory and practise. 

Train the Trainers


Sign up for this unique Train-the-Trainer course to learn how to communicate with Gen-Z students through competency and content.

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