Upgrade your skills in today’s dynamic service industry with a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving a Customer Experience Management Certificate.

By being a qualified CX Professional, and with your industry experience, it will give you a broad and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the discipline. It will ensure you have the knowledge, skills and tools to apply your learnings within your organisation.


Customer Experience (CX) is the newest and fastest growing discipline in the corporate world today. In 2017, 50% of product investment was redirected to CX innovation. In a survey by Bain, 80% of companies believe they provide a superior customer experience. However, a dismal 8% of the companies’ customers agree!

This professional certification in customer experience is suitable for Customer Support Staff and Service Executives, CX Professionals and Managers, Sales and Marketing Executives, HR Executives, SME Business Owners and  CEOs & Senior Management. It will give service professionals the knowledge and skills to excel in today’s dynamic service industry. 

Advance Your Career

Receive a formal qualification in CX

Be Empowered

Use the knowledge and skills you learnt to accelerate both your company and your own career forward

Get The Tools

Necessary tools to generate sales through cross-selling, up-selling and increase customer retention.

Online Learning – 12 Hours 


Module 1: Introduction to The Professional Certificate in Customer Experience
Understand what Customer Experience is, what it is not, the key principles and the crucial elements that will transform your organisation.

Module 2: Understanding The Benefits of Customer Experience
In an increasing competitive marketplace learn a completely revolutionary way of acquiring new customers and understand how CX can help your organisation stand out from the crowd

Module 3: The CX Framework™️
Understand our unique customer framework that underpins CX Excellence.

Module 4: The Customer Journey
Understand the importance of every interaction across every touchpoint that a customer has with an organisation. Learn how each interaction in the journey contributes to the overall

Module 5: CX In Action
Understand how staff, outsourced partners, digital innovation and data will transform your customer experience, including metrics such as NPS, CSAT and Net Easy.

Module 6: Your Four Stages To CX Excellence
Creating a CX success strategy to implement in your organisation tomorrow.

Classroom Learning – 9 Hours


Module 1: Determine Customer Needs Through Analysis
Learner is able to analyse customer data and research to ascertain implications on organisation’s products and marketing strategy and apply customer segment analysis tools to understand make up, requirements and buying patterns of different segments.  

Module 2: Develop Initiatives for Customer Experience 
Learner is able to propose customer engagement initiatives for specific products based on insights and align specific customer engagement activities with overall customer journey.

Module 3: Examine Customer Engagement Initiatives to Determine Satisfaction
Learner is able to determine indicators to capture and measure customer engagement via various indicators and tracking methods.

Assessment – 1 Hour


Obtain dual certification:

  • Statement Of Attaintment (SOA) will be awarded by SSG
  • Professional Certificate in Customer Experience by CX Academy

Up to 90% Government Subsidy available with Enhanced Training Support

Company Sponsored
Company Sponsored
Up to 90% of course fees,
capped at $50 per hour
Up to 90% of course fees,
capped at $25 per hour
$1,200.00 | Full Course Fees$1,200.00 | Full Course Fees
$1,080.00 | Subsidy$550.00 | Subsidy
$120.00 | Amount Payable$650.00 | Amount Payable
$84.00 | GST$84.00 | GST



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