The use of digital technology in the workplace has been on the rise, and it will continue to shape the kinds of jobs in your country’s  economy. To be future-ready is not just about technical skills; it involves being aware of current and emerging technology and data trends, and having the confidence to welcome and anticipate changes.

This foundational course will kickstart your journey to digital literacy, and equip you with the right mindset and relevant knowledge to tackle the disruptions and tap into new possibilities that emerging technologies would bring to the workplace.

Discover new technological trends with Facebooks Ads, Facebook Live, Carousell and Shopify that will set your e-commerce business in the right direction.

E-Commerce Market Revenue
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Revenue from the e-commerce market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.9%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$4,079m by 2025.

– Statista. eCommerce Singapore. Retrieved Febuary 9, 2021, from

Fun & Guided Hands-On Digital Workshop

We are partnering with Training Vision Institute to provide a 2-days training which will get you up to speed with digital literacy skills and knowledge to navigate today’s e-commerce landscape

The programme is designed to help all Singaporean adults, including those planning to return to the workforce. Be equipped to seek potential careers in businesses, IT, technology and start-ups.

For Individuals
Understand emerging technologies and how they impact work, interpret and use data, and adopt a positive mindset for change, innovation and resilience.

For Employers
Equip your staff and talents to be future-ready in terms of technical skills, up to speed on current and emerging technology and data trends, and be adaptable and nimble to change in this digital economy and in e-commerce.


How to adapt to a digitalised commerce environment


Understanding what the future economy and e-commerce entails


Enhancing personal productivity with e-commerce digital tools


Build awareness of cybersecurity measures in e-commerce

2 Days Training
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2 full days or 4 half-days (morning, afternoon or night)

Face to Face & Online
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5 Convenient In-House Locations: Jurong East, Tampines,  Woodlands, Hougang and City Commune @ Handy Road

or Online Learning

Full Fees
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With SkillsFuture Funding
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$10 only for NTUC Members

Module 1
Introduction to the E-Commerce World & Digital Marketing

Module 2
Most Effective E-Commerce Platforms and Digital Marketing Platforms Online In Singapore

Module 3
Buying And Selling Online Safely And Securely Through Lazada, Qoo10, Shopify, Amazon, Carousell

Module 4
Cybersecurity Tips To Prevent From Online Scams And Hackers Pretending To Be Your Business

Module 5
Learn How Successful Businesses Create an E-Commerce Website Simply And Painlessly

Module 6
The Strategic Mindset Required to Succeed in The Current Online Landscape

Module 7
Must-know Innovations in Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube) that will Accelerate Your Sales

Module 8
Social Media Marketing Strategies Benefit Entrepreneurs And Employees To Get Sales Without Taking A Long Time To Build Fan

Module 9
Strategies For New Source of Revenue Without Needing an Expensive Website

Module 10 
Usage of Data To Craft Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Strategy

Basic proficiency in English. Able to use a laptop or desktop computer.

Upon completion of each module, a Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore.

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  2. Students receiving subsidy are responsible to fulfil attendance and examination requirements
  3. Futurasia Professionals and TVI reserves the right to bill the student the full course fee should student fail to be eligible for subsidy
  4. $10 non-refundable admin fee may be applicable
  5. For sessions held at Community Centres/Club, Futurasia Professionals and Training Vision Institute may disclose any information relating to the learner to People’s Association, the Community Centres/Club where the training is held and Employment & Employability Institute Pte Ltd, for the purpose of audits in relation to this course.
  6. Devices such as tablets or laptops used during SFDW class are subject to availability depending on the room and facilities available.



programme in partnership with Training Vision Institute