What is Team Building?

Team building is term for activities that help promote cohesiveness between individuals and define roles within teams, especially in an organisation. By bringing people together with fun activities that motivates each and every team member.  

Through a series of activities, teams will be able to build their communications skills and problem solving skills that fosters teamwork. This will help facilitate long term and effective work relationships among all team members. 

So what makes a company different from one another? The genuine connections between every single one in the company. It makes every individual feel valued and motivated to collaboratively complete tasks and achieve goals.

Our Team Building Programmes

Here at Futurasia, we aim to deliver team bonding activities through Experiential Learning. By incorporating the 4 steps to Experiential Learning model in every one of our programmes — We promise to fully engage every one of our participants in all of our team-oriented programmes.

Our range of team activities include:

  • K-Pop Dance
  • Broadway Jazz Dance
  • iPad Art
  • Paper Quilling
  • Magic Tricks
  • Cajon
  • Brazilian Samba Percussion
  • Bossaball* — (Exclusive collaboration with Bossaball Singapore)

And many more other activities!

Why Is It Important?

The problem with most companies and organisations, is that the structure is too complex for every member of the team to be able interact and get to know one another. This creates a breakdown in communication and may lead to further problems in the future.

When employees are engaged, it improves their morale and confidence in the company. This may however, seem to be a minor benefit to the company. With that being said, when you make your employees feel valued and important it will eventually create a strong bond and trust within the company. Thus, increasing the productivity of every member of the team while ensuring that the problems of the company are solved in the long run.