The skills and knowledge you can gain from this course would prepare you to effectively communicate with Gen-Z students


SSG-Approved (Reference Number: CRS-N-0048655)

What are students like today? They are knowledgeable, complex, intelligent and tech-savvy. They consume informartion with insatiable hunger and want instant feedback. They want to be challenged and inspired in their learning, collaborate and work with their peers. If their classroom experiences fall short of their expectations, they will not hesitate to take a video, post or even tweet about it.

As a trainer, do you know what it takes to engage a class of energetic Gen-Z learners? With attention span said to be under 8-seconds, you need to increase your range of teaching strategies to motivate Gen-Z students.

Do you want to join the ranks of sought-after trainers within the education industry?

You will be inspired from this interactive workshop, which will further deepen as personal reflection and peer evaluation is promoted.

Since 2008, more than 1,000 trainers have attended this course and gained the knowledge to be an effective trainer. Our Train-the-Trainer course promises to enrich every participant.

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Testimonials About Train-The-Trainer Course

Yvonne has taught me many skills which will help me in a classroom setting. After attending the workshop, I am confident of myself in delivering my sessions.

Allyson Fong

The trainer brings the sessions alive with her energy and enthusiasm. She uses real life stories to emphasise points of importance, adding relevance to the subject.

Ho Wei Cheong Allan

Course Fee


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Learning Outcomes

  • The art of training Gen-Z students
  • Interactive training strategies
  • Robust classroom engagement techniques

The skills and knowledge you can gain from this course would prepare you to effectively communicate with Gen-Z students. 


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