This certification programme is offered and validated by Boston University


In collaboration with Boston University, the Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Strategy, Leadership and Innovation will arm you with the digital skills to lead in today’s rapidly changing economy. Graduates will master key aspects of digital transformation and leadership, from platform strategy and production management to innovation and data analytics.

Graduates of this programme may be able to pursue the remaining requirements for the completion of the Master of Science in Digital Innovation (MSDi) at Boston University.

This programme is delivered by our training partner, Training Vision Institute.

Looking to upgrade your digital skills?

This postgraduate diploma offered by Training Vision Institute in collaboration with Boston University will help you master key aspects of digitalisation and leadership, from platform strategy and digital product management to innovation and data analytics.

In today’s fast-evolving global digital economy, businesses need people with the knowledge and skills to navigate and take the lead in digital transformation, driving growth and value in areas ranging from customer experience to operational excellence and business innovation.


Position Yourself

Seize strategic advantage in the transformation towards the global digital economy

Be The Change

Drive organisational innovation by designing for experimentation

Lead The Way

Develop Digital Age leadership capability

Be In The Social Game

Create, assess and manage social media marketing successfully

Create & Innovate

Build world-class skills as a digital product manager

Drive Growth

Leverage platform strategy to drive your organisation’s growth

Be Data-Driven

Use business analytics to enhance managerial decision-making and drive value.

25 Weekly Tutorials

For the entire programme ( 5 weekly) tutorials for each of the 5 Modules.


Visits to technology companies. Learners will gain insider knowledge about the industry directly from the professionals within the company

10 Video Conferences

With Boston University Faculty (2 video conferences for each of the 5 Modules). Each video conference will be schedules for 90 minutes and may last up to 120 minutes.

2 Consulting Seminars

Facilitated by Training Vision Institute at the end of the 2nd and 5th Modules. The seminars will enable learners to engage in a group project so that they can better understand industry best practices/applications.

Module 1: Digital Transformation Strategy and Leadership
Equip yourself with crucial skills, tools and methods needed to develop digital strategies and lead effective teams in fast-paced environments.

Module 2: Digital Product Management and Individual Leadership
Build boundary-spanning skills to run, measure and adapt strategic experiments and adopt Digital Product Management Thinking. Analyse key strategies to assess the viability of product ideas. Recognise critical product management approaches and familiarise yourself with go-to-market strategies. Practise key leadership and people management skills: building trust and leading virtual teams.

Module 3: Digital Platform Strategy and Organisational Leadership
Identify the best approaches to building, converting and jump-starting your platform while turbo-charging your competitive advantage and growth. Make vital decisions on platform openness, governance and pricing, and learn to anticipate challenges and opportunities before they arise.

Module 4: Digital Innovation through Experimentation and Social Media Success
Learn how to apply principles of design and experimentation at the technical, organisational and strategic level to drive digital innovation. Build social media marketing strategies that engage consumers and learn to create eye-catching content that are distributed on appropriate platforms for the organisation.

Module 5: Digital Business Analytics and Social Media
Recognise the pervasiveness of analytics in today’s business climate and the impact of data-driven decision-making on managerial culture. Learn how to adopt analytical processes to make informed and evidence-based decisions.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a related discipline conducted in English
  • Minimum 21 years old OR

  • Minimum 30 years old with at least 5 years of professional, entrepreneurial, leadership and/or management experience OR

  • IELTS 6.0, Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 7 or equivalent

Graduates of this programme will be awarded the following certificates:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Strategy, Leadership and Innovation by Training Vision Institute in collaboration with Boston University
  • Practice Master in Digital Strategy, Leadership and Innovation by Boston University
  • Statement of Attainment from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for the successful completion of each of the SSG approved modules.

Graduates will have the option to pursue the remaining requirements for the completion of the Master of Science (M.S) in Digital Innovation at Boston University.

Course TitleFull Course FeeUp to 90% Subsidy *1Up to 50% Subsidy *2
Emerging Technology Synthesis$3,370.50$1,620.50$2,845.50
Digital Product Management$3,370.50$1,620.50$2,845.50
Digital Platform Strategy & Org Leadership$2,359.35$1,060.80$1,134.30
Digital Innovation through Experimentation & Social Media Success$2,551.95$1,226.90$2,154.40
Business Data Analytics$1,284.00$284.00$604.00
Develop Social Media Strategies$1,845.75$595.70$1,470.70
  1. For Singaporean / PR above 40 years old
  2. For Singaporean / PR between 21 to 39 years old

Depending on the module taken, assessments may include examinations, online quizzes, written assessments and case studies.

Tutorials, video conferences, projects, consulting seminars and experiential learning. Be in live contact with globally renowned faculty at Boston University.

  1. Prices are inclusive of GST
  2. SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) subsidy is based on learner’s eligibility, fulfilling SSG required attendance hours, deemed competent by SSG via criteria such as the passing of assessments and final approval subject to SSG.
  3. Futurasia Professionals and Training Vision Institute reserves the right to bill the learner full course fee in any event that their SSG subsidy for the course is not approved by SSG.
  4. A non-refundable administration fee will be applied.
  5. Eligible to use SkillsFuture credits to offset course fees

Get Yourself Future-Ready with a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Strategy, Leadership and Innovation

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